A Bay Area Firm Dedicated To Providing Quality, Effective Legal Help

Anyone facing a legal issue has asked themselves the same question: "How can a lawyer help me?"

If you are a new small-business owner, you may need step-by-step legal help in handling the bureaucratic matters associated with establishing a new business. If you work in human resources for a larger company, you may need regular counsel to answer questions regarding personnel matters or resolve employee disputes. If you are an employee, you need an experienced lawyer to help you understand your rights in the face of a workplace dispute. And if you are confronting difficult end-of-life issues for yourself or a loved one, you deserve a compassionate guide who will help you through a complex, intimidating legal system.

There is one firm in the Bay Area that offers the legal help you need regardless of which of these situations you find yourself in: the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May. We are a Hayward-based firm with a reputation for quality counsel and a tradition of success representing clients in California. We understand that everyone seeks the services of a law firm for unique reasons; we provide the tailored representation you need to find success in the legal system.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

Success in the legal system comes not simply from years in practice; it also comes from handling a wide range of both transactional and litigation matters, from seeing both sides of a case and finding unique strategies to respond to vastly different circumstances.

As a firm that has represented the interests of small- and large-business owners, workers as well as individuals and families with estate planning and administration needs, we bring a truly unique and valuable perspective to every case we handle. Our experience working one-on-one with clients, negotiating aggressively on their behalf and fighting vigorously at trial means that, whether you have a straightforward legal issue that only requires a few visits with an attorney, or a more complex matter that requires comprehensive mediation or litigation counsel, we will come to your case ready to plan and execute a successful strategy.

Quality legal help should also be approachable. We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation directly with one of our attorneys by calling 510-244-3307, or send an email now.