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Anyone facing a legal issue has asked themselves the same question: "How can a lawyer help me?"

There is one firm in the Bay Area that offers the legal help you need regardless of which of these situations you find yourself in: the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May. From offices in Hayward, we represent clients in Oakland, California, and throughout the Bay Area.

Everyone seeks the services of a law firm for unique reasons; we provide the tailored representation you need to find success.

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Employment Law For Employers

We provide a full range of employment law services, with a primary focus on representing the rights and interests of employers. If you are a large corporation or new small-business owner, you may need step-by-step legal help in handling the bureaucratic matters associated with establishing a new business, keeping abreast of employment laws and tricky personnel matters or other human resource needs.

Our range of services for employers includes:

  • Human resources (HR) consulting and advice
  • Personnel law representation, training and advice
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) and employee misconduct investigations
  • Severance agreement negotiations
  • Employee benefits counsel
  • Retirement plan advice and representation
  • Expert witness testimony

Employment Law For Employees

We use our employment law experience and knowledge to protect the rights of workers in matters such as:


If you are involved in a legal dispute — whether it involves business, real estate, is employment-related or another matter — mediation may your best dispute-resolution option. Through mediation, disputing parties work together (with help from a neutral mediator) to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation can help save you time and money, and is a less-contentious option than traditional courtroom litigation.

Estate Planning

If you are confronting difficult end-of-life issues for yourself or a loved one, you deserve a compassionate guide who will help you through a complex, intimidating legal system.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

Success in the legal system comes not simply from years in practice; it also comes from:

  • Seeing both sides of a case
  • Handling a wide range of both transactional and litigation matters
  • Finding unique strategies to respond to vastly different circumstances

We have represented individuals, families, small and large businesses, employees, and others. We bring a truly unique and valuable perspective to every case we handle.

When you choose us for legal help, you will work one-on-one with an attorney who will negotiate aggressively on your behalf. Whether you have a straightforward legal issue that only requires a few visits with an attorney, or a more complex matter that requires comprehensive mediation or litigation counsel, we will come to your case ready to plan and execute a successful strategy.