Employment Dispute Mediation And Severance Agreements

As a business owner, ensuring you have the time and resources to dedicate to running your company is a top priority. Anything that gets in the way of that - especially employee disputes - must be addressed as quickly as possible without sacrificing a successful outcome.

If you assume that costly litigation is the only way to resolve disputes involving your workers, our firm is here to show you a different way forward. Our attorneys have a proud tradition of successfully representing businesses throughout the Bay Area by using a variety of legal strategies.

While businesses depend on our counsel when litigation is the only option available, we also help companies use mediation and direct negotiation with employees to minimize their liability and allow them to quickly move on from an employment dispute. When you need to focus on your business, our firm is here to help you do precisely that.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Dispute Mediation

Mediation allows both sides to work toward a resolution of disagreements through a neutral mediator while still maintaining separate legal counsel. In addition to being a less-contentious legal process, it is also typically less expensive and time-consuming than traditional litigation.

We devote the same resources to mediation as we do to litigation, carefully preparing every aspect of our case and seeking every opportunity to help our clients come out ahead. What's more, because mediation is not binding, we always reserve the right to litigate a claim in the event that our clients' interests are not sufficiently protected.

Direct Negotiation And Dispute Settlement

Another option we can help you pursue is direct negotiation with your employee in order to reach a private settlement. These are most often achieved through a severance agreement, in which an employee is provided with a financial incentive in exchange for waiving the right to pursue additional legal relief. As part of our counsel, we can determine if a private settlement and severance makes business sense for you.

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