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What gives rise to a wrongful termination claim in California?

We note a point on our website at the established Bay Area Law Offices of Denise Eaton May that often emerges as prevalent when workers are treated unfairly – often unlawfully – by their employers.

That is passivity, which looms large in many contexts and operates to the clear detriment of affected workers.

On the one hand, such a response is understandable: Legions of employees reasonably enough view themselves as relatively powerless when contrasted to the seemingly unbridled prerogatives of an employer A boss is, well, a boss.

On the other hand, though, workers in California and across the United States should know that they are accorded hard-earned protections under federal, state and local laws against employer overstepping at the workplace. As we prominently note on our website, employee rights can often be aggressively exercised to help affected workers prevail in worker-management disputes.

Like unlawful job loss, for instance. We duly note that no California worker “has to passively accept a wrongful termination.”

A proven employment law attorney often has fertile grounds to examine when probing into the details surrounding a worker’s firing. Cases are spotlighted daily across the country that underscore the pretextual motivations of bad-faith employers seeking to rid themselves of unwanted workers.

Substandard performance might be alleged when, in fact, management simply dislikes an employee based on his or her ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, race or other protected classifications. Company executives sometimes wrongfully terminate a worker for his or her labor views and communications with other employees, or when a worker takes the guise of a whistleblower reporting illegal management acts to governmental authorities.

The bottom line: Workers can readily eschew passivity in such instances. Indeed, they command strong legal rights, which often entitle them to receive maximum compensation in response to company wrongdoing.

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals having questions or concerns regarding wrongful termination or another employment law matter.

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